Money Back Guarantee

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are passionate about helping you feel the difference and enjoy the proven health benefits of Kenkoh massage sandals. Research conducted by the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine concluded that wearing Kenkoh sandals boosts energy levels, improves circulation, reduces foot and ankle swelling and can even improve the mood of the wearer.

If you have not discovered the health benefits of Kenkoh after wearing your sandals for 14 days, we will give you your money back.

Why try Kenkoh massage sandals for 14 days?

Kenkoh is a one-of-a-kind sandal which uses the ancient principles of reflexology to stimulate and soothe the feet and the entire body.
Each pair incorporates 1,000 uniquely designed rubber nodules, clinically proven to promote an even blood flow from toe to heel. While regular shoes fail to stimulate the sole of the foot, causing blood to stagnate in one position, resulting in imbalance and foot discomfort, Kenkoh stimulates and revitalizes all areas of the sole evenly.

“Feet just weren’t designed to walk on hard surfaces – as humans, we evolved by being in touch with the natural surfaces of the earth. Today’s more rigid surfaces fail to stimulate nerve endings or balance and strengthen the body,” says Rola Sullivan, Managing Director Kenkoh Middle East LLC.

“Using thousands of years of reflexology know-how, Kenkoh recreates the walking sensation on uneven surfaces, rebalancing feet and body. We are confident that people using Kenkoh will not be disappointed.”

Requesting a refund in store

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, take your sandals back to the store within 14 days, and you’ll receive your money back in full.

Requesting a refund online

If you ordered Kenkoh sandals online, just get in touch with us and request a return. You will need to return your shoes to us within 14 days, and then we can process the refund. Shipping fees are to be borne by the customer.

The 14-day money back guarantee is available in all Kenkoh outlets in the UAE and online at It’s only valid on Kenkoh sandals purchased online via the Kenkoh site or in one of our retail stores. Purchases from other retailers do not qualify. This offer is not valid on discounted items. Terms and conditions apply.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.