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Reflexology is an ancient practice which dates back thousands of years. It is based on the principle that pressure points in feet relate to muscles, organs and glands throughout body including brain, spine, liver, stomach, colon and kidneys. The benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induce a deep state of relaxation, eliminate toxins, speed-up recovery after injury or surgery, and relieve pain naturally.

It is safe to use Kenkoh all day, but it is all based on people’s comfort levels and preference. With just 30 minutes a day, anyone can experience the proven health benefits of Kenkoh. Most of our customers say that their Kenkoh sandals and flip flops are the most comfortable flat shoes they own. You can wear your Kenkoh shoes all day, every day and feel the difference yourself.

Kenkoh sandals have a wide range of styles and materials. Most ranges are not waterproof and contact with water can cause damage to the upper materials and internal components of the footbed and platform. Beach sandals or Flip Flop range is waterproof and the only styles recommended to use safely in water. Please refer to product description of each style for waterproof description.

Kenkoh sandals relieve the pressure on your back and knees, thanks to their thick sole with a cushioning system to protect your back bone. The massaging footbed, which works as per reflexology principles will also help.

Kenkoh sandals have a cushioning system, designed using elastomeric technology, inside the sole. This absorbs shocks and impact when walking on hard surfaces which in turn, relieves the pressure on your joints, knees and back so you’ll feel more comfortable with less joint pain than you may experience when wearing regular shoes.

Absolutely! With their ultra-cushioning construction and massaging nodules, our ladies comfort shoes can help you to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy. The unique reflexology-inspired design is proven to assist with feet and ankle swelling, can help to ease back pain and provides a safe and relaxing massage at the end of the day.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the connective tissue which runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel and ball, is overstressed. An unsupported arch can fall as we walk, and that causes the plantar fascia to over elongate with each step. The result is inflammation, pain and if left untreated, tearing of the tissueThe key to Plantar Fasciitis pain relief and recovery is to choose healthy footwear. Kenkoh’s stylish sandals are perfect when you’re look for shoes that support the foot and stimulate circulation because they are specifically designed to provide a high level of cushioning and orthotic arch support. The reflexology footbed also massages the foot as you walk and is clinically proven to improve circulation.

Kenkoh sandals are designed to support the plantar arch – this improves balance and reduces the issues associated with flat feet and bad posture.

Kenkoh sandals are very helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms of diabetes, such as neuropathy. The massaging footbed stimulates the nerves and reflex points in the feet so you should notice a reduction in numbness and improved blood circulation. If you are in any doubt, check with your doctor before switching to Kenkoh medical shoes for diabetics.

Kenkoh sandals have 3 advanced design features which together, make up our modern take on the traditional Japanese massage sandal. The first element is the massaging nodules which you can see in every pair of Kenkoh shoes. There are 1000 of these rubber nodules in total. They stimulate pressure points in your foot as you walk, in much the same way a reflexology foot massage would.All Kenkoh shoes also have orthotic arch support, which helps to support the foot and body and an extensive cushioning system that absorbs impact as you walk.These ingenious design elements make Kenkoh sandals the ideal footwear to support, stimulate and protect your feet as you walk.

Health Benefits

With our medically crafted shoes for men and women, you can expect to experience the wholesome health benefits of reflexology whether you chose to wear Kenkoh sandals an hour a day or all day. Wearing Kenkoh shoes is clinically proven to improve blood flow and circulation, fight fatigue, relieve tension and reduce swelling in ankles and joints. Kenkoh’s shoe construction also provides arch support and cushioning, helping to relieve pressure from joints and supporting a good body posture. You can find out more on our dedicated health page.

Over the years, Kenkoh has positively impacted the quality of life of customers around the world, who have reported improvements to the following conditions:

Swollen legs and ankles
Heel pain
Nervous leg syndrome
Foot and back pain
Varicose veins
Metacarpal pain
Lower leg muscle pain


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