In a world where new diets appear almost at the speed of light and the opinions of coaches, personal trainers, and fit influencers matter, it’s time to talk about how diet and reflexology can make you feel healthy!

Forget about intermittent fasting, clean eating, and Ketogenic or high-fat, and give us just 5 minutes of your reading to prove there is another way.

Diet and reflexology, a way to make you feel healthy

We are what we eat, period. That principle is almost as famous as the French Revolution’s freedom, equality, and fraternity principles, and yet we forget it. Commonly we fill our bodies with fast food, chips, and a cold and sugary soda to then complain about not feeling well.

“Oh, my stomach hurts”, we say.

“I’m very fat”, we think when we see ourselves in the mirror.

Having a good diet is key for having good health if we are eating healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, berries, fish, meat, eggs, and others, our body has a better chance of feeling well. And if to all that we add a holistic lifestyle … Get ready for confetti to fall from the sky because you just became a winner! ??

In this sense, a healthy diet and nutritional counseling combined with reflexology are a perfect match! This natural therapy can help to overcome problems like anxiety and stress, helping also with cholesterol and weight loss.

Empower yourself to be in control and feel good

It’s always a good time to listen to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t stop the feeling and recognize that you are in control.

Let’s say you decided to try it, You’re getting reflexology therapy, exercising, and following a healthy diet. Your body is toxin-free, balanced, and energized. Oh yeah!

What’s helping your body is also helping your mind making you feel motivated and focused. Remember those depression symptoms that you were feeling? Gone. The sluggishness and fatigue? Gone.

That’s right! Reflexology is doing a great job energizing your endocrine glands so your appetite is fine and your response to stress is better than EVER.

There is a way to go further

Please forget about Gwyneth Paltrow’s 200$ healthy drinks, Kim Kardashian’s Atkins Diet, or any celebrity recommendation. There are cheaper and natural ways to improve what we have said.

Reflexology can be with you wherever you go! There is footwear that has been specially designed to emulate the massage of this ancient practice and Kenkoh has it.