Can reflexology help you with Diabetes? In case you didn’t know, the answer is yes! Reflexology offers huge benefits in the treatment of diabetes. How can this 5-millennial old Japanese practice help you to deal with the world’s fastest-growing chronic condition?

First things first, reflexology is a massage that is applied to the feet, hand, and ears and involves applying pressure to certain key points on those body parts.

You may be thinking… So? What does this have to do with diabetes?

To start this acupressure foot massage is a very effective tool for regulating blood sugar levels and controlling insulin production, but there is more…

Reflexology and diabetes, a healthy possibility

Life with diabetes, especially Type 2, means not just having discipline around your food choices, exercise, medication, and blood sugar monitoring, and more. It also represents a high possibility of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Controlling, controlling, and controlling can be overwhelming.

Reflexology therapy is well known as a stress-buster but it also appears to help in deeper ways. The Reflexology Association of Connecticut in the United States suggested that it can stimulate the pancreas and liver, helping to maintain blood sugar levels.

How can this be possible? By applying pressure to the points related (this is known because of this map) to the endocrine system and certain organs that encourage insulin production, such as the pancreas, the intestines, and even the kidneys.

Reflexology can help with heart, eye, urological, and even intimacy issues.

Starting the acupressure treatment

You can go to a session with a Reflexologist or Reflexology practitioner and start a long-term therapy.

If you can’t start this Japanese foot massage treatment with a professional right now, there’s another option that can help you.

Yes, stimulate and balance the function of the entire body wearing Kenkoh medical sandals for diabetics!

Regardless of the possibilities, we’re here to tell you there is something that can make you feel better.

Give it a shot!

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