Sachi White


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Inspired by the traditional Arabic and Japanesse, the Sachi is part of our premium collection and is clinically proven to boost your over-all mood along with promoting health and well-being. Try these reflexology sandals!
This uniquely designed footwear with a premium leather promotes blood circulation in your feet, leaving you feeling energized and provides foot comfort with a contemporary look.


Key features:
SUPPORT GOOD POSTURE: The arch follows the shape of the foot to provide maximum support and aid in good posture.
WEAR ALL DAY: The Sachi design is universally flattering and enduringly comfortable, great for wearing after sports, when you have a long day of activities planned or are required to be on your feet for several hours. Made from pure leather.
REFLEXOLOGY BENEFITS: The massaging nodules in the insole stimulate reflex points in your feet providing all the benefits of an acupressure treatment. Main features are:
• 1000 massaging rubber nodules in each pair
• Shock absorbing cushioning system
• Orthotic Arch
• Premium Cow Leather   Size Chart and fit. Exchanges and refunds.