Finding out a woman is pregnant is a time for joy and celebration, but there are also times throughout the pregnancy when women need additional support. Reflexology during pregnancy aims to optimize emotional and physical health.

But what is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural therapy that has existed for thousands of years. It has been recognized in the Western world as an expert technique since the early 20th century.

It’s based on the fact that all parts of your body have key links to certain areas in your feet, and therefore massaging and applying pressure to specific parts promotes overall well-being.

The gentle pressure on your feet encourages the elimination of toxins and improves circulation.

Additionally, it’s possible to positively affect internal organs using touch and pressure on its corresponding part on the foot.

Reflexology and pregnancy

Reflexology has shown to not only be helpful during pregnancy but also when couples decide to conceive and it doesn’t happen as quickly or easily as they might have expected.

It naturally eases the anxieties and pressures that we place on ourselves when things don’t work out the way we expect.

Women trying to conceive have stated that acupressure helps them to be prepared for conception. Many have claimed that acupressure treatment was key to their success in getting pregnant naturally.

Once a woman is pregnant, reflexology has been shown to help balance the hormonal and emotional ups and downs. It also helps to ease anxiety symptoms.

Besides all of the emotional benefits, it can moreover aid in easing some of the physical effects of pregnancy, such as:

  • digestive problems
  • morning sickness
  • general aches
  • pains, and heartburn.

It can also encourage restful sleep, and restore a sense of equilibrium.

Reflexology is often considered one of the best treatments during pregnancy because of how much it can achieve.

Acupressure foot massage after birth

After birth, it can help with mind and body healing processes. It can help to fight off depression as it aids in controlling hormonal imbalances indeed.

Reflexology has also been shown to help to breastfeed moms improve milk production, and return the menstrual cycle back to normal after birth.

Are you willing to try it?

Often, women seek reflexology for support with common conditions that can arise before, during, or after pregnancy.

Acupressure acknowledges that every person is unique, so it’s impossible to know in advance how you will react to it and what specific benefits you will get.

What you can be sure about is that reflexology and pregnancy go hand in hand.

The only way to find out which benefits it can have for you is to try it out!