This is Loly’s story… a survivor, mother of two teenagers, who discovered she had breast cancer on a regular work afternoon. Chemotherapy treatment started as soon as possible and within, its side effects: shortness of breath, tiredness, and more. It was then when she found out about reflexology!

Our science and research team compiled studies on Reflexology and Cancer to tell how a foot massage, practiced for pharaohs in ancient Egypt, can make you feel better.

Understanding Reflexology and breast cancer

Reflexology is a specialized type of foot massage that stimulates specific points on the feet to improve the functioning of organs, glands, and other body parts.

This non-pharmacological therapy stimulates nerve endings in the foot soles to release endorphins. Specifically, these hormones block the transmission of pain and lead to relaxation and numbness, reducing stress and anxiety.

Loly’s Acupressure massage treatment was effective in reducing the incidence of abdominal distention and urinary frequency. Also, it controlled and alleviated pain, exhaustion and, as she said, improved the quality of her life.

Breast cancer remains all too common

Breast cancer treatment can be highly effective, achieving survival probabilities of 90% or higher, but sadly each year more women are diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, is the second most common cancer for the gender behind skin cancer.

In 2020, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685.000 deaths globally (WHO). One of them was Loly, whose early detection and personalized treatment saved her life.

Reflexology Sandals for massaging and good health

Acupressure foot massage can be performed for a person, a nurse, or a specialist. You can even use specially designed footwear to stimulate the soles of your feet as you walk.

Kenkoh’s sandals are clinically proven to enhance blood circulation, increase energy levels and wellbeing.

The brand, founded in 1949 in Japan, has different stylish models to make you feel fashionable and comfortable while using an alternative therapy.

For example, to cancer patients, as Loly was, this is a win.