Yamato Black

9,850 inc. GST

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The Yamato sandal is part of our genuine leather collection, and is clinically proven to boost energy & blood circulation, ease fatigue, and improve your overall mood!

Main features are:

  • 1000 massaging rubber nodules in each pair
  • Orthotic arch for back and joint support
  • Shock absorbing cushioning system
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit
Proven health benefits
Medical research has shown that wearing Kenkoh on a regular basis promotes health and well-being. Our uniquely designed healthy footwear works to improve a range of medical conditions from joint pain to circulation. Ideal for everyday wear you can walk your way to better health with Kenkoh!
Our clinically proven research involves participants wearing different types of footwear for up to four hours at a time and monitoring the impact on participants across a range of health indicators. In March 2006, the research findings concluded that those participants who had been wearing Kenkoh sandals experienced a range of health benefits over those who hadn't. These included:
Health Benefits
Kenkoh customers have also reported that Kenkoh sandals have helped with a range of conditions such as Diabetes, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, back pain and sciatica.