Flip Flops with Cushioning Marble

4,990 inc. GST

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Despite looking like a standard flip flop, Kenkoh’s Japanese massaging flip flops are actually one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you’ll ever own! They feature a precisely engineered supportive, cushioning system to aid with correct posture and weight distribution.
The reflexology foot-bed delivers proven health benefits such as increased circulation, improved energy and better blood flow. Waterproof, the rubber strap is easily cleaned so you can simply rinse off sand or salt water at the end of the day.
We’ve designed our cushioning flip flops especially for those who are looking for healthy shoes to ease symptoms of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, flat feet, fallen arches and back pain. The rubber nodules and orthotic support mean your feet and joints won’t feel sore or painful after wearing.
The massaging foot-bed makes them a daily treat to wear for anyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits of the ancient art of reflexology.

  • Precision crafted cushioning and orthotic support for feet
  • Footbed provides a soothing reflexology foot massage
  • Healthy footwear that looks good but also provides the correct support feet need to stay healthy
  • Waterproof
  • Available in pink, blue and black
  • Rubber upper strap and insole