✔ Reduce excess lactic acid in muscles
✔ Stimulate blood circulation
✔ Increase energy levels
✔ Release endorphins
✔ Massage and relax your feet
✔ Support your arch, joints and back
✔ Assists with enhanced posture
✔ Reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis

Exercising and daily activities add increased pressure on the body resulting in overall fatigue. After sports recovery and healing starts with the sole, and Kenkoh is the Japanese footwear based on a unique reflexology technology that provides an array of benefits for fitness and recovery, giving you the opportunity to recover faster to be able to keep training and perform better.

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Kenkoh’s massaging footbed is engineered in Japan to be soft enough to move and flex against the bottoms of our feet while walking, much like the fingers of a skilled masseuse. The improved blood circulation helps eliminate excess lactic acid and increases oxygen flow. This allows the body to recover and heal faster – an essential part of overall health and fitness. Apart from the range of physical health benefits, including relief for knee pain experienced by most athletes and runners, Kenkoh also provides wearers with higher energy levels and mood improvement. The latest models offer the ultimate support for fitness enthusiasts and include stylish sliders for him and her.

Activities like running, walking, jumping, and lunging leave the feet sore, swollen and tired. Kenkoh shoes are clinically proven to provide a variety of health benefits, including improved balance, posture, blood circulation as well as relief for tired feet. The footwear also offers the right support to muscles and joints. Wearing Kenkoh helps ease podiatric stress, and alleviate tension in the feet, allowing more agility and comfort when walking.


In Japan, we have spent decades developing the technology required to incorporate reflexology principles into the design of our footwear and athletes can reap a variety of benefits from Kenkoh, thanks to this technology.