It is said that age is just a number specially in the case of reflexology. Good health is a concern for every human being starting from new borns to adults. Reflexology is a gentle method for helping bring the body back into balance. Kenkoh’s reflexology sandals are beneficial for children in many ways.

A baby grows up into an adult through three phases, a kid, an adolescent and a youth. Each stage has different needs and demands over the physical as well as mental well-being. Being a kid, the responsibility of good health is taken care by the parents but as this kid grows up and enters into adolescence the needs and demands gradually grow and start affecting the physical as well as mental performance which needs to be addressed on priority. To address both these issues Kenkoh has emerged with clinically proven remedy in the form of reflexology sandals.

These days the children and teenagers are under so much pressure to perform well and achieve. The competitive environment in school and colleges create physical, mental and emotional health under constant duress. The ever increasing peer pressure through social media, rightly or wrongly adds to the anxieties and todays youngsters suffer all too often. Specially in the case of special needs children they need some way to relieve their stress. Everyday life of the special need children can be challenging. It can be stressful to try to keep up with peers in class, to follow directions, and to write neatly, etc. The reflexology sandals can be very beneficial for all ages and needs of children and teenagers to manage their stress and anxiety.

Parents should pay attention to the physical as well as mental well being of their children specially during this time. This year has been harsh on everyone because of the pandemic specially for children. Staying cooped up in homes with the least interaction from the world, the feeling of loneliness can take a toll on the mental well being of the children. Keeping away from their friends, keeping up with their studies with little motivation at home, all these can cause stress and anxiety which often even results in heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and may even cause depression and panic disorder. The acupressure sandals cause a little discomfort at first but once the body gets used to it and the results kick in, you’ll want to wear Kenkoh all day, every day!