Zori Toe Wrap Brown


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Zori toe post is based on reflexology tech and made with featuring thick straps, a blunt square toe that is in contrast to the fluid, and the awhole effect lends a casually chic element to any look.

What about the massaging footbed? 1000 rubber nodules, with a cushioning and orthotic support designed to absorb impact and keep arches, legs and back muscles comfortable and pain free. They're perfect to stimulate your well-being.

Inspired by a traditional Japanese style of flip-flop shoe, originally made with a straw sole, these are secure-feeling but effortless to slip in and out anytime.

Zori also comes in thong and strappy styles.

Main features:  

  • 1000 massaging rubber nodules in each pair.
  • Orthotic arch for back and joint support.
  • Shock absorbing cushioning system.


  • Rubber insole.