Nara White


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Nara features a lovely metallic color and double-crossed strap with dark metal buckle for extra comfort and adjustment. Nara is designed inspired by the eye-catching scenarios of Nara city located in South Central of Japan. Its characteristic color also represents the temples and artwork dating the 8th century that you can see in the lovely city.

Nara massage sandal has a reflexology footbed a thousand rubber nodules that release blocked energy throughout the body. Cushioning and orthotic support also help to absorb impact and keep arches, legs and back muscles comfortable and pain free, no matter how long you spend on your feet.

Specially made using the latest production technology using premium microfiber and rubber.


SUPPORT GOOD POSTURE: The arch follows the shape of the foot to provide maximum support and aid in good posture.

WEAR ALL DAY: The Nara design is universally flattering and enduringly comfortable, great for wearing after sports, when you have a long day of activities planned or are required to be on your feet for several hours.

REFLEXOLOGY BENEFITS: The massaging nodules in the insole stimulate reflex points in your feet providing all the benefits of an acupressure treatment.

Main features are:

• 1000 massaging rubber nodules in each pair

• Shock absorbing cushioning system

• Orthotic Arch