Massage Insoles


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If you’ve ever purchased a pair of shoes that are just too painful or uncomfortable to wear, Kenkoh massaging insoles are the ideal solution to stop your new purchases languishing in their box.

Providing additional support and comfort using specially designed rubber reflexology nodules, the insoles gently massage your feet whilst you walk, improving your circulation and reducing uncomfortable-swelling to the ankles and lower limbs.

Easy to fit into your existing shoes and available in sizes 37 - 46, these innovative and health boosting insoles are lightweight and invisible when fitted correctly and leave you free to go about your day without having to worry how long you’ll be on your feet for.


  • Natural rubber insoles with reflexology nodules
  • True to size fitting
  • Clinically proven to boost health levels and mood
  • Perfect for plantar fasciitis and bunions
  • Ideal for work and play
  • Fits any shoe