Kenkoh Kawaii Pearl White


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  • Add a touch of metallic to your daily routine with our on-trend Kawaii. A stylish, contemporary design thanks to the gorgeous Rose Gold, this shoe is a treat for feet and simply screams elegance. Dress up or down according to your mood! The open design lets the feet breathe, while the cross strap means they feel utterly secure on the foot, no matter how far you have to walk
  • The Kawaii gets to work right away helping the body to re-balance itself. With our signature nodule footbed, Kawaii in Rose Gold / Pearl White is both beautiful (Kawaii means beautiful in Japanese) and great for you. Wear for just a few hours a day and notice the feel-good factor – such as improved circulation, more energy and less fatigue
  • WALK YOUR WAY TO IMPROVED WELLBEING: Medical research has shown that wearing Kenkoh on a regular basis promotes health and well-being. Each pair of Kenkoh shoes features 1000 massaging nodules, made from 100% natural rubber. These nodes massage the foot in-line with the principles of reflexology, stimulating key pressure points as you walk
  • EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF REFLEXOLOGY: Some of the well-recognized benefits include elimination of toxins from the body, improved circulation of blood and oxygen, increased feelings of well-being, improved energy levels, reduced fatigue and pain reduction & relief
  • SUPPORT GOOD POSTURE: Our sandals feature an orthotic arch for back and joint support. The arch follows the shape of the foot to provide maximum support and aid in good posture
  • RELIEVE JOINT PRESSURE: Our shock-absorbing cushioning system relieves pressure from your back and joints while walking on flat surfaces
  • SHOP AUTHENTIC: Kenkoh is the Original Japanese Massage Sandal since 1965. When buying Kenkoh purchase from official brand stores or authorized retailers