Kenkoh Hanako Denim


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  • Our new Hanako foot reflexology sandals for women are carefully crafted to restore wellness according to Japanese acupressure principles. Now with a softer massaging action and durable lightweight outsole.
  • This design is universally flattering and enduringly comfortable, great for wearing after a workout when you have a long day of activities planned or are required to be on your feet for several hours
  • Made from vegan material, Hanako is a versatile essential for women providing instant relief from back, joint pain and sore feet.
  • WALK YOUR WAY TO IMPROVED WELLBEING: Medical research has shown that wearing Kenkoh on a regular basis promotes health and well-being. Each pair of Kenkoh shoes features 1000 massaging nodules, made from 100% natural rubber. These nodes massage the foot in-line with the principles of reflexology, stimulating key pressure points as you walk
  • EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF REFLEXOLOGY: Some of the well-recognized benefits include elimination of toxins from the body, improved circulation of blood and oxygen, increased feelings of well-being, improved energy levels, reduced fatigue and pain reduction & relief
  • SUPPORT GOOD POSTURE: Our sandals feature an orthotic arch for back and joint support. The arch follows the shape of the foot to provide maximum support and aid in good posture
  • RELIEVE JOINT PRESSURE: Our shock-absorbing cushioning system relieves pressure from your back and joints while walking on flat surfaces
  • SHOP AUTHENTIC: Kenkoh is the Original Japanese Massage Sandal since 1965. When buying Kenkoh purchase from official brand stores or authorized retailers