Why should I clean my Kenkohs?

Kenkoh Japanese Massage Footwear provide a unique massage to your feet which reflects to your whole body. Keeping all the nodules clean and tidy assures you to enjoy the benefits from each massaging nodule in specific reflex points. Washing your feet before stepping in Kenkoh is also recommended for your feet to get a better massaging effect and for the nodules to stay clean.

When walking outside, dust, sand and dirt might get stuck inside the nodules, combined with moisture and sweat it can result in a build up of unwanted waste. Cleaning and caring for your Kenkoh sandals regularly will help them last longer and in better condition.

How to clean my Kenkohs?

Kenkoh has an easy solution to maintain and clean your nodules and sandals: the Kenkoh brush, designed exclusively for Kenkoh insoles to remove the dust from the nodules.

Brush the sandals gently to remove dust and sand. You can also try using a vacuum to remove it. Avoid submersing your Kenkohs in water. To remove stains and spot clean, use an old toothbrush and mild soapy water. After washing, dry with a soft cloth and set them on their side in a well-ventilated place away from sunlight to dry.

Kenkoh brushes are helpful to reach every corner of the nodules and keep them clean. We suggest you add the Kenkoh brush in your basket for your Kenkoh pairs.








When you see deep depressions forming under the heel or ball of your foot, or when the nodules begin to wear away in these areas, it’s time to think about getting a new pair of Kenkohs.

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