We’ve got your back!: this is the best footwear for nurses

Yeah, yeah, we know it! You are spending many hours on your feet and your back hurts so much that you feel like giving up. “I’m so tired”, you say before realizing that just one hour has passed since your shift started.

But please, believe us when we say we’ve got your back! Because we are here to tell you what is the best kind of footwear for nurses.

Regardless if it’s due to your profession, traveling or simply because you have thrombosis or chronic back pain issues, we want to tell you about a solution that will improve your quality of life.


Consider reflexology footwear for your health during working time or while you are traveling

To help you feel comfortable many specialists recommend footwear based reflexology to  avoid or heal the pain and stress. Yes! We can include psychological issues in the benefits and let me tell you why.

Reflexology is an ancestral practice which works by applying pressure to feet, hands, or ears and sends a calming message to the central nervous system.

It positively affects the most important systems of our bodies: respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and neuropeptide. Sounds good? Why don’t try it at work!


Best reflexology footwear for nurses and travel nurses

The best footwear for nurses are comfortable ones, that doesn’t mean you will have to wear ugly shoes at all. In fact there are good-healthy-shoes in the market because some brands, including Kenkoh have realized how important it is.

If you can have the whole package:

  • Be comfortable.
  • Feel less stress and anxiety.
  • Avoid back and muscle pain.

Why not?

And even at the end, does the look of your footwear matter when the pain of walking for hours? Ouch!


Now that you know all this, what is your next step?

Buying shoes that are able to heal your pain is an investment. Foot health is an important issue, about 70% of the world population encounter foot problems at least once in their lives, podiatrist Patrick Raftery said to ABC.net.

Are you ready to go ahead? Oh, I almost forgot. After finishing reading this article, that pain, that fatigue, will be your entire responsibility, because we’re giving you a GREAT solution. Do we agree? You just have to put it on your priority list.