The time has come! After months of self isolation due to the global pandemic, some children are back to school… Well, to the same building but with new rules. The Internet is full of videos showing classrooms with desks two meters apart from each other, lots and lots of antibacterial gel and cute cartoon masks on the kids’ little faces, things that show that this new normal may not be such a thing as normal at all and could affect our little ones with stress, anxiety, fatigue and similar issues.

But don’t worry, we are here to tell you there is something you can try to prevent or heal those emotional and physical sensations that could come with going back to school: let’s talk about reflexology as a response to the new normal in schools!

What reflexology is?

It is a Ancient Acupressure Technique that uses gentle pressure on specific points along the feet and helps the body work better. Sounds nice, doesn’t?

Reflexology therapy in children reduces pains and aches connecting spots on the outside of their body to the inside, lowering stress levels, making them feel more relaxed, and energized.

But here is the secret: It’s only helpful if it’s done on a regular basis.

Back to school in the new normal

The reflexology specialist Judy Buckley has brought the practice into schools. Even when she started working with autistic children that, according to herself, improved their sense of well-being, she believes it can be applied to everybody.

In a past interview she claimed that some parents have told her that “their child is engaging more to some activities that they wouldn’t have dreamt of engaging in before”. Also, she thinks reflexology helps them build up their self-esteem.

Children are open to new experiences and totally engage with them, so they can manage to feel a profoundly deep relaxation through reflexology. That’s a big WIN!

What about reflexology during homeschooling?

Some of our children may have to stay home for longer and we know how stressful and frustrating it can be, not to talk about concentration issues and dealing with their parents being their teachers (dear mom and dad in these difficult times we feel you, that’s why we insist that you let reflexology do its work to make things better for you), in this context our children are exposed to higher pressure to perform well, and that’s why reflexology comes in as a wonderful tool.

We highly recommend you to try reflexology, not simply because of mental health, stressful situations, acceptance, and other issues, but because it is an alternative way to deal with those situations without having to use antidepressants or any other similar treatment. This is a positive, non-invasive and healthy alternative.

In case you are not willing to go for therapy, Kenkoh provides all the benefits of reflexology. Yes, as you read it! Our sandals have a unique massaging nodule technology able to stimulate the feet and make anyone feel the difference in their body.